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The #soxgrammers contest was a blast. I got to go on the field on the back stop in between the two dugouts. I was wicked close to all of the players. I got 7 of my photos posted on the Instagram page of the Red Sox! I was glad I got the opportunity to win the contest and get to go. During the free event, the Sox had a small scrimmage against each other. I took photos of the Sox warming up. I then headed up to the green monster where we took photos of the field and the B Strong that was out in centerfield grass. We headed over to the bullpen where Clay Buchholz was warming up with Ryan Lavarnway.  Image

Clay pitched a ball in the dirt gave the ball to his pitching coach and he threw the ball up to me catching the ball without my glove. I was very surprised that he gave me a ball. I wasn’t really looking to get any baseballs while I was there just looking to get the photos for the contest. Here is Clay giving his pitching coach the baseball:Image

The pitching coach was slightly shocked that I caught it. Didn’t have a glove on and its the first baseball I have actually gotten with out a glove on. Here is the baseball:


I then moved over to the other bullpen where Peavy and Salty were warming up. They were just about to finish. I snagged a baseball from Salty. He tossed the ball up and I again caught the ball without a glove on . #2 of the day. I then put the ball on the bullpens roof and tried to get fancy with the photo:Image

I then went back over to Buchholz pitching. He was going to finish anytime soon. He pitched a ball in the dirt and Lavarnway made a nice stop on the ball:


He then picked up the ball and gave the baseball to me for number 3 of the day. I got this one all on photos. Im starting to get used to catching baseballs while taking either videos or photos. Good multitasking abilities. Here is the 3 frame shot of Lavarnway:


After Clay’s bullpen session was over. We were taken to the Budweiser seats. As we were up there the only run of the scrimmage was scored. The Sox players were very friendly with the fans giving away as many baseballs as they could mostly to all the children around. Gomes all gave away his batting gloves to two lucky fans. In all it was a good day. I got 3 baseballs that came to a surprise.