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Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 7.18.14 PMWho Am I?

Who is Fenway Ballhawk? The answer to the question is a 20 year old girl whose love for baseball is more of an obsession. Jacqueline Reynolds (aka Fenway Ballhawk) was born March 9th, 1994. Her family consist of her mom, Diane, her dad, Kenneth, and little brother, Joe. She attended high school at Woburn Memorial High School where she participated in Freshman and Varsity Softball and also Varsity Track as a shot putter, high jumper, and ran the 55 yard dash. Since 2001, she also has participated in Tae Kwon Do and is currently a second degree black belt. The love for baseball has come from her going to many baseball games as she was growing up. Since her first game, she has fallen in love with the sport. She has watched her collection of baseballs and autographs grow over time to have 244 MLB baseballs. The total is comprised of the baseballs she keeps and gives away. Jacqui gives baseballs to little kids and siblings so everyone can be happy. Most give aways include promising a mother or father that their child will get a ball by the end of the game or batting practice. Nothing brings a smile on her face then watching a child’s reaction to her giving them a baseball. In 2013, Jacqui started writing about her baseball experiences in her blog after her Instagram contest win. She had won the Red Sox #Soxgrammers contest. The contest was a chance to take pictures on the field during a open scrimmage on October 2, 2013 and be able to have those pictures posted on the Red Sox Instagram.  7 of her photos were posted on the Instagram page of the Red Sox: Jacqui was glad she got the opportunity to win the contest and get to go. Jacqui is a huge Red Sox fan but also has a soft side for the Rays and Dodgers. The two teams each are a part of her favorite teams but her beloved Red Sox come first. Jacqui’s goal is to go to every Major League Baseball park. Jacqui also goes to Southern New Hampshire University and is planning on graduating in December of 2015 with a Degree of Sports Management and Graphic Design.

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